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Deluxe Cushion Cream

🌿 Made with High-Quality Premium Natural Ingredients 🧴 Ultra-Plush, Non-Greasy Formula βœ… Suits All Skin Types
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Brand: WB by Hemani
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A moisturizer that cushions the skin for a sumptuously supple, baby-soft skin, suitable for all skin types.

Inspired by the well-renowned famous Moisturizing Cream by La Mer, WB by Hemani's Deluxe Cushioned Cream is set to be your one-and-only.

β€œAn ultra-plush moisturizer, specially formulated with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory flower extracts that help brighten and smooth the skin, reviving luminosity and elasticity of the skin. Highly effective in restoring the natural elasticity of the skin, this all-embracing moisturizing cream hugs and cushions skin for satin-soft, plump skin."

βœ… Made with Premium, High-Quality Natural Ingredients
βœ… Non-greasy Moisturizer
βœ… Satin-Soft Skin
βœ… Bouncy, youthful skin (repairs skin elasticity - preventing sagging skin)
βœ… Suits All Skin Types including Sensitive, Acne-Prone & Oily Skin Types

βœ”οΈ Helps protect the skin from environmental damage, reducing premature aging,
βœ”οΈ Helps heals and treats inflamed skin by preventing pimples
βœ”οΈ Helps strengthen and repair the skin’s protective barrier
βœ”οΈ Improves smoothness and softens bumpy and rough skin texture

DIRECTIONS: Take a generous amount with the spatula, and gently spread the cream with clean fingertips in an upwards direction to lift the natural contours of the face & neck. For best results, use it morning and evening daily.

Here is why you will love it!

Infused with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory flower extracts like Peony 🏡️ and Porcelain 🌼 - helps effectively brighten and soothe the skin, to revive luminosity and elasticity of the skin. (great for sensitive skin)

Pomegranate Extract helps in cellular regeneration preventing wrinkles and spots, while boosting brightness to the complexion

Enriched with Vitamin C-rich nourishing extract, Moringa 🌿 helps restore natural oils and protect the skin from environmental damage, which causes premature aging. (oily skin friendly)

Sandalwood πŸͺ΅ is a great antiseptic and skin-brightener, helps treat and heal inflamed skin like preventing pimples from becoming infectious to promote healthier skin. (acne-friendly)

An ultra-moisturizing Echium (pronounced as eh-ki-um), repairs the skin’s protective barrier which improves hydration and eliminates roughness. (helps with dryness)

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