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International Shipping FAQs

We provide our best to help you get your favorite herbal and all-natural products to your doorstep, be it anywhere 🗺️ We ship world-wide 

You may have inquiries, so here are some commonly asked questions for you to understand international shipping better: 


Q. Why is the tax not calculated in Total Value? 
A. Charges for international shipping (outside UAE) will be charged at the destination port by DHL such as customs fees, duties, and taxes. These charges will be due at the time of the delivery of the package.


Q.  Can I make changes to my delivery address? 
A. As per DHL policy, if there are any changes in the current delivery address at the time of delivery, then the customer will be charged an extra US$ 14.98. Therefore, customers need to enter the detailed address on the order. 


Q. My package is stuck in customs, how can I receive it? 
A. The customer (consignee) will have to provide certain documents like invoices etc. to clear the shipment from customs. It is agreed by both parties if the consignee would not be able to do so, the shipment will be returned back to the destination shipper (Hemani). Hemani will return the paid amount after deducting export and return charn charges of the shipment. 


Q. How long will the package be shipped in? 
A. After receiving the order, we ship it in the next 2-3 working days. You will receive the tracking number from DHL to track your order for an estimated time of delivery. 


For further assistance, you can contact our customer service department by emailing us at or you can call us at +971 (0)4 294 7430 and WhatsApp text us at +971 56 247 3789.