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Personal Care & Hygiene

Stay Safe & Protected with Hemani's Range of Personal Care & Hygiene Products. Keeps You and Your Family Germ-Free & Clean.

African Black Soap

20.00 د.إ.‏

Aijaz Aslam - Conditioning Beard Cream

45.00 د.إ.‏

Ant Oil for Slow Hair Growth

12.00 د.إ.‏

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer 65ml

6.00 د.إ.‏

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray 120ml

15.00 د.إ.‏

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Spray 50ml

8.00 د.إ.‏

Antibacterial Herbal Hand Wash 750ml

35.00 د.إ.‏

• Kills 99.9% Common Germs & Bacteria in 20 seconds • With Honey & Tea Tree Extracts • Leaves Hands Soft and Germ-free

Antibacterial Luxury Hand Wash 500ml

15.00 د.إ.‏

Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer 250ml

12.00 د.إ.‏

Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer 50ml

5.00 د.إ.‏

• Antibacterial with Antiseptic Action • With Aloe Vera Extract

Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer 65ml - Velvety Oud

6.00 د.إ.‏

IN 5 REFRESHING SCENTS | Kills 99.9% Bacteria & Germs